General Information


According to official figures published by Canadian Statistics in 2013, the number of population in Canada is 35,056,064 , almost 39% of them are in the province, "Ontario" in which the political capital of Canada "Ottawa" is located, as well as the city of "Toronto "which is one of the most important commercial centers. The natives form 3.8% of the population, which consists of tribes of American Indians, Eskimos, Inuit and Meta, while the category of "Canadians" constitute of 32.22% of the population, who are descended from the waves of the early immigrants who arrived in Canada early after the discovery of the American continent, most of them are originally from Scotland, Ireland, France and the rest of Western Europe. Other populations are: British 20.3%, Scots 15.8%, Irish 24.3%, 5.8% Germans, French 31.1%, and other nationalities make up 2.8% of the population. While the immigrants who immigrated to Canada after or in the period that followed independence in 1867are not called "Canadians" They come from many origins, including Chinese and residents of Eastern Europe and Ukraine in particular. Arabs make up 1.51% of the population.

43.2% of the population in Canada are Roman Catholics, 29% of the population are Protestant, 16% of the population are atheist, 0.1% of the population follow ancient religions of the natives, while 2% of the population embrace Islamic religion and 1.1% of the population are Jewish. This is all in addition to the doctrines of other religions such as Orthodox and, Buddhism and Hinduism.

Culture and Heritage

Due to the mixture of two cultures, English and French are the two official languages, in addition to the significant impact of these cultures on the identity of the Canadian society, which is a fusion of these two cultures. So it can be said that the culture and heritage of Canadian society is a hybrid of these two sources in addition to the culture and heritage of all indigenous people, new immigrants, which are allowed to retain their cultural identity and their heritage and language.

Immigrants make up the social fabric of Canada with an average of 250,000 immigrants per year, That’s why Canada has a moderate view in political positions, and not to adopt hostile policies because its residents are originally from most parts of the world including Russia, Ukraine, China, Cuba, Latin America and the Middle east.

Science and Technology

Canada is of the scientifically advanced countries in terms of specialized research centers in all the natural and social sciences. There are more than 162 research center specializing in natural resources, agriculture and water research, seas and oceans, fisheries, geology, space affairs, , health, food and environmental sciences.